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Fragrance Patchouli & Cedar of Tweed (15 ml)

40,00 €


Build around a marriage of the Cedar and the Patchouly woods, this sensual fragrance, slightly magical and deliciously enigmatic expresses its insolent seductiveness…

A mysterious fragrance with orient reflects, opulent and intense surrounded with a woody base that express all the elegance and the richness of the wood.


Fragrance natural, biodegradable, sustainable & clean. 

-Exceptional fragrance, niche fragrance

-Fragrance 89% Natural

-Beet Alcohol : Alcohol 100% Natural

-Fragrance 88 % Biodegradable

-Fragrance unisex

-The highest quality of natural ingredients and sustainable ingredients

-Natural Orpur® : The fragrance Patchouly & Cedar is composed by naturals Orpur® of Patchouly & Cedar. The Orpur® are the highest quality of natural ingredients from Givaudan ethically sourced. 

Thanks to our Patchouliy Orpur®  in our fragrance Patchouly & Cedar, we help a program that build infrastructures to local communities in Indonesia 

To know more about : Ethical Sourcing


Quentin Bisch perfumer at Givaudan has created Patchouly & Cedar of Tweed . He is considered as one of the most talented perfumer of its generation and he has created the most well know fragrances into the world.

To know more about : Quentin Bisch Parfumeur

  • CLEAN :

-We have banned more than 100 controversial ingredients, in addition of the European regulations ( no colorants, no UV filter, no paraben...)  * See the list enclosed.

-We have selected the highest quality of ingredients, the most respectful for the health and the planet.

-Toxicologist validation: The fragrance Patchouli & Cedar follows the most restrictive specification with formula crafted scientifically validated by a toxicologist. 

To know more about  : CLEAN.

  • LOCAL:

-Made in France: Production in France of all our products and we work with more than 20 French industrials and suppliers . 

-This product support the local employment. 


-Packaging sustainable, ecofriendly in recyclable glass. 

-Our packagings are in papers and follow the FSC norms that garanties products from sustainable forests. 

-We have banned the plastic of our packagings. 

-Our sustainable ingredients are etically and respoinsibly sourced. 


-Sustainable ingredients sourced and collected in an ethical and responsible manner. 

-Program that helps the local communities around the world who collect ingredients globally. 


-Eco-responsible brand

-Our production is responsible: We have a single concentrate of perfumes cross all our products. Which is also a technical feat. 

  • VEGAN:

-Our products are not tested on animals. 

-Our products do not contain ingredients from animal origins. 

We are proud of our positives actions for the planet, the health and the society . 

More details


  • Performance
  • Freshness
  • Softness

More info

Concentration of Fragrance 21%
First Olfactive Family Woody
Second Olfactive Family Musky
Top Notes Grapefruit, Patchouli from Indonesia
Heart Notes Cashmeran, Cedar from Morocco & Atlas
Base Notes Patchouli, Musk
Colors Brown
This product does not contain
1.without phosphate, 2.without phtalate, 3.without Sulfate, SLS : Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , SLES: Sodium Laureth Sulfate 4.without huile minerale oil 5.without palm oil, 6.without Retinyl palmitate ... 1.without phosphate, 2.without phtalate, 3.without Sulfate, SLS : Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , SLES: Sodium Laureth Sulfate 4.without huile minerale oil 5.without palm oil, 6.without Retinyl palmitate 7.without EDTA, 8.without oxybenzone 9.without silicone, 10.without Phenoxyethanol, 11.without dye 12.without UV Filter, 13.without coal tar, 14.without Muscs, 15.without BHA, 16.without BHT ( thresold is 0,003%), 17.without Hydroquinone, 18.without Toluene, 19.without Benzene, 20.without Parabens, 21.without Benzophenone, 22.without Lyral, 23.without Karanal, 24.without Formaldehyde, 25.without additif, 26.withoput Buthoxyéthanol, 27.without wheat derivated , 28. without triclosan, 29. without triclocarban, 30; without aluminium salt 31.without 1,4 Dioxane, 32.without Ethanolamines, 33.without mercure, 34.without methylcellosolve, 35.without methylisothiazolinone, 36. without methylchloroisothiazolinone, 37. without nanoparticule, 38, without PEG polyethylene glycol, 39, without propanol, 40. without resorcinol, 41. without galaxolide, 42. without Farnesol, 43. without mousse de chéne, 44. without Alkyl phenols, 45. without aluminium, 46. without baking soda, 47. without tests on animals, 48. without ingrédients from animale origin, 49. without parafine, 50, without resorcinol , 51.without palmitate de réthinol, 52. without retinal, 53. without chlorure de benzalkonum, 54. without éthanolamines, 55. without butyéthanol, 56. without MIT/MCIT, 57. without Phénylènediamine 58. without Tetrasodium, 59. without DTA, 60.without Oxydant, 61.without Phenylenediamine, 62.without Ethanolamines, 63.without Ediamine 64.without Chlorine, 65.without nonylphenol, 66. without ethoxylates, 67.without oxybenzone, 68.without Styrène, 69.without Polyacrylamide 70.without Acethaldhehyde, 71. without Acetonitrile, 72.without Methylene chloride, 73. without Benzalkonium, 74. without Acetone, 75.without Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid , 76.without Acetone, 78. without bisphénol, 79. without ethyl Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, 80. without Ethyl acrylate, 81. without Ethyl methacrylate, 82. without Methyl methacrylate, 83. without Butyl methacrylate, 84.without Hydroxypropyl methacrylate, 85. without Tetrahydrofurfuryl methacrylate, 86. without Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate, 87.without Bisphénol, 88.without lead 89. without Acetete de lead 90.without Methoxyethanol, 91.without Plastic microbeads, 92.without talc, 93.without petrolatum, 94.without DEA, MEA, TEA, ETA, 95.without Polyacrylamide, 96.without Acrylamide,97. without Bromostyrene, 98.without Styrene Oxyde, 99.without sodium Styrene, 100.without Deastyrene
INCI List Alcohol denat. Parfum (Fragrance) Coumarin Eugenol Tocopherol Limonene
Key Ingredients Patchouly, Cedar
Instruction Parfum Unisex
Scents Patchouly & Cedar of Tweed
Type de produits Perfumes (15ml)
Parfumeur Quentin Bisch ( Givaudan)


The leaves of Patchouli are collected after the rainy season and have this woody and balsamic scent so recognizable;

Naturals Ingredients :

The natural fragrance Patchouli & Cedar of Tweed is composed by some naturals extracts of Patchouli and Cedar.

The alcohol used is from natural origin.


High Hand natural fragrances created in France by the best master perfumers into the world. Hand crafted fragrances formulated with the highest quality of raw materials in the fine fragrance perfumery.

The products are compounded in France.

  • Bottles:

The design of the bottle is an echo to the exceptional French know how in the tradition of the French luxury perfumery.

The Apothecary bottle is sober, elegant, minimalist and contain precious and noble fragrances that express the elegance of the brands and that give an incomparable style.

The label affixed by hand was realized by a printer in Provence.

The octagon is the emblem of the brand and testifies to the apothecary side yesteryear.

Customer reviews :

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I recommend!

Pawel - 2023-06-28

Another great scent from Quentin Bisch, although it may seem decidedly masculine, I believe it's also a good option for women. A very interesting interpretation of patchouli with cedar while also having the freshness of bergamot. Very pleasant to wear, great as an everyday scent.

Yes, I recommend this product

    Woods blended to perfection!

    Michael Prince - 2023-06-28

    In the opening, there is a light subtle freshness from a juicy and sparkling grapefruit, but the featured woody notes of Cedar and Patchouli quickly take center stage. The Cedar is camphoraceous, balsamic, and has a slighty smoky feel. The Patchouli is earthy, herbaceous, and rich with Musky undertones. If you are a niche fragrance lover that really appreciates woody based fragrances, you will love this brilliant creation from renowned master perfumer Quentin Bisch.

    Yes, I recommend this product


      Marie Noelle - 2022-11-08

      Le mélange Patchouli et Cèdre est une merveille !
      L’odeur est délicate et tient dans le temps
      A essayer sans hésiter

      Yes, I recommend this product


        ELISABETH D - 2022-11-08

        Juste magnifique jus qui tient sur la peau , contrairement a la majorité
        des parfums ephémères! je ne m'en lasse pas..
        Bravo a ce parfumeur !

        Yes, I recommend this product


          Rahul Agarwal - 2022-11-08

          Huge fan of Quentin Bisch's work and this fragrance from him is sublime. The patchouli in this smells quite earthy and almost borderline medicinal but very addictive. It does have this dusty dry wood vibes which takes me right inside the dense jungle where there is an old wooden hut, surrounded with vegetation and moss. Very elegant and has a unisex combination of woods, patchouli, and hints of leather. Can't go wrong with it. ⁣

          Yes, I recommend this product


            Ivana - 2022-11-08

            Patchouli is the most mystical raw material in my opinion, with so many facets. In this fragrance it has got an earthy, slightly dark chocolately natural feel facet. It is so very different from any other patchouli by so far. This patchouli doesn't bite, it is rounded, quite soft, sensual, very expressive and evocative, delicate like cashmere and musk. It feels like a walking into the woods and smelling the soil after the rain. A beautiful walk, the one that calms and allurs your soul. Enchanted!

            Yes, I recommend this product


              Goran Perfume Addict - 2022-11-08

              Wonderful Patchouli
              pH Fragrances - Patchouli & Cèdre of Tweed

              pH fragrances is a niche brand from France, founded by Camille Le Feuvre. The brand has a new concept which appeals to many people nowadays, minimum waist and no excessively large packaging with cellophane and plastic, clean and ecological. They move with the times and find the use of natural ingredients in their perfumes and also the use of recyclable packaging very important. The brand is environmentally careful with a modern approach to fragrances. I also think this is very important and I have a lot of appreciation for the founder Camille Le Feuvre who came up with this concept and idea.

              The beautiful round bottle of Patchouli & Cèdre of Tweed is stylish and easy to use. The fragrance opens woody with the main note of patchouli. The Indonesian patchouli smells earthy, rich and masculine it is also one of my favorite notes. The combination with the cedar and grapefruit which gives the fragrance some citrusy vibe smells very opulent. The fragrance is very impressive and beautiful done. The musk brings some warmth and depth and the perfume feels very good, nice, strong and pleasant. This is another masterpiece creation from Quentin Bisch.

              Check the fragrances from pH Fragrances. They have some more wonderful blended perfumes in their collection.


              Yes, I recommend this product

                MON INDISPENSABLE

                Arthur - 2022-11-08

                Depuis que j'ai testé le parfum patchouli, je n'arrive plus à m'en passer.
                Ce parfum est intense, avec une bonne tenue, du matin au soir et un fond musqué très agréable à sentir sur mes vêtements, même quelques jours après.
                Les notes boisées légèrement humides du patchouli s'accordent parfaitement avec cette senteur de cèdre très sèche. La note de pamplemousse en tête vient apporter de la légèreté, beaucoup de fraîcheur, un côté pétillant au parfum que j'apprécie beaucoup !
                J'en rachète encore et encore

                Yes, I recommend this product


                  Andrew - 2022-11-08

                  Exceptional everyday perfume. Soft, elegant and classy all at the same time. Everything about this scent just feels perfectly right, the sillage creates such a beautiful aromatic aura around me.

                  Yes, I recommend this product


                    Laurent M - 2022-11-08

                    Un excellent parfum, délicat, subtil, tenace sans être entêtant, un mariage très réussi de ces deux ingrédients exceptionnels de haute qualité Orpur.
                    Je recommande les petits flacons de 15 ml car ils permettent d'acheter différentes senteurs sans se ruiner et durent car il faut juste un petit pshitt pour sentir toute la journée...
                    J'ai testé de nombreux parfums de différentes marques et c'est le premier qui dure vraiment toute la journée. J'apprécie beaucoup également le souci de pH fragrance d'éliminer au maximum les ingrédients toxiques dans leurs compositions.
                    Bravo, continuez comme ça, ne changez rien !

                    Yes, I recommend this product


                      Laurent - 2022-09-17

                      Ce parfum est de grande qualité, ses effluves sont exquises: le meilleur du patchouli sans le côté terreux. Le mariage avec le cèdre de tweed est subtil.
                      Très réussi, je recommande.

                      Yes, I recommend this product

                        Au top

                        Maxence Milaud - 2022-07-05

                        Le parfum sent super bon ! J'ai l'impression de me balader dans un champs de lavande quand j'en mets

                        Yes, I recommend this product

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