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The Founder Camille Le Feuvre :

From an early age, Camille was already distinguished by her energy, her creativity and her entrepreneurial spirit.

She was very sensitive to the world of perfumes, and as her madeleine of Proust, she remembers very precise moments related to her childhood thanks to the powers of the smells. After travelling the world for the biggest perfume houses in Grasse and in Paris for more than 15 years, Camille has become a perfume strategy specialist for the world's leading brands in Fine Fragrances, Personal Care and Home Care. At the age of 40 years old, she decided to create her own perfume company pH fragrances , building on her experience as sales manager for Givaudan (the world leading fragrances house) and on her last job as COO & president of a luxury group.

"I wanted to create a brand with a positive impact on consumers' lives. By creating pH fragrances, I have linked my passion for the perfume and my entrepreneurial spirit by relying on my sales experience, my expertise in brand strategy and knowledge of retail. Thanks to all the people who helped pH fragrances, especially the artistic team !"

Camille has created a brand that looks like her, that makes sense, and that integrates all her career in pharmacology , business and perfume creation laboratories. Thanks to pH fragrances she expresses her high-end vision of holistic wellness through fragrances. By creating her company pH fragrances, she realizes a dream  : to create!

Creative, Visionary, she has the innovation in her blood and wants to realize later her innovative concept store and many other revolutionary ideas.

"Our mission is to bring some happiness with our exceptional perfumed products engaged for the health, the planet and the society".

"The creation of pH fragrances is the courage to pursue our dreams, the audacity to be yourself, to assert your differences and a total alignment despite the adversity".

Thanks to its innovation and commitments, the brand pH fragrances is considered as pionnier on this huge market of a new generation of perfumed products.

Thanks to her brand, she is changing the lines of an entire industry.

Creative and visionary, Camille would like to realize her concept store and many revolutionary and ideas.

Her interview for the Fragrance Foundation : " Pionnier of a new perfumery" :  Interview Fragrance Foundation

Also, Camille loves sharing her passion, her expertise and experience in 18 years in business, to create some vocations to create, innovate...,

For that, she is speaker, teacher in the most prestigious high schools....  (Ecole Supérieure du Parfum et Paris School of Luxury)...

Follow her adventure on linked in: Linkedin Camille Le Feuvre

Follow her adventure on Instragram:  Insta Camille Le Feuvre

The creative Team :

An incredible work has been done by the team in Givaudan: perfumers, evaluators, the teams in the laboratory, the regulatory team.....

In total we work with more than 20 industrials. 

The Perfumers :

The fragrances have been created in exclusivity by the perfumers from Givaudan :

The fine fragrance range embodies the tail-made, haute couture spirit that is the backdrop for the olfactives direction of each fragrance of the brand. Each olfactive universe of each perfume is inspired by the world of fashion and textiles by featuring the noblest raw materials of perfumery. To pay tribute of the fashion industry, each fragrances have a fabric name that expresses its colorful, textures and olfactive universe at the same time.

To know more on GIVAUDAN: GIVAUDAN

Quentin Bisch:

The fragrances Magnolia & Pivoine de Soie and Patchouli & Cèdre de Tweed have been created by Quentin Bisch, Perfumer at Givaudan.

Magnolia & Pivoine de Soie:

"A bouquet of peonies and magnolias with silky and powdery petals with a heart surrounded by vanilla. " Quentin Bisch

To know more : Magnolia & Pivoine

Patchouli & Cèdre de Tweed:

"The refinement of patchouli combines with the warm intensity of cedar to celebrate the elegance and richness of the woods. " Quentin Bisch

To know more : Patchouli & Cèdre

He has created the most famous fragrances of Mugler, Chloé, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ex Nihilo, Etat Libre d'Orange, L'artisan Parfumeur, Paco Rabanne, Azzaro...

He is considered as one of the most talented perfumers of its generation. He has received some awards as the best perfumer in 2020. 

Nisrine Bouazzaoui Grillié :

The fragrances Mistral & Fleur de Vichy, Vétiver & Santal de Cuir and Néroli & Bergamote de Denim have been created by Nisrine Grillié, Perfumer at Givaudan .

"For me, creating fragrances for pH fragrances is sublimating the natural while fluidity and subtle contrasts"

Mistral & Fleur de Vichy:

"A wave of freshness: a refreshing marine and citrus explosion, on transparent, delicate woods. " Nisrine Grillié

To know more : Mistral & Fleur de Vichy

Néroli & Bergamote de Denim:

"A majestic Neroli: luminous, iridescent, on a creamy, addictive background." Nisrine Grillié

To know more : Néroli & Bergamote

Vétiver & Santal de Cuir: 
"A vibrant woody duo: The warmth of Vetiver combined with creamy Sandalwood. " Nisrine Grillié

To know more :Vetiver & Santal

She is considered as one of the most talented perfumers of its generation. 

She has created the most famous fragrances of de Azzaro, Map of the Heart, H&M ...

Yann Vasnier :

The fragrances Tubéreuse & Ylang de Pashmina and Iris & Musc de Liberty have been created by Yann Vasnier, Parfumeur at Givaudan.

-Tubéreuse & Ylang de Pashmina
"Bouquet of warm and carnal flowers and spices on a bed of balms and nirvanolide ". Yann Vasnier
To know more : Tubéreuse & Ylang
-Iris & Musc de Liberty 
"A vegetal and aromatic sap animates and reveals, the powdery sensuality of iris butter and silvanone. " Yann Vasnier

She is considered as one of the most talented perfumers of its generation. 

To know more : Iris & Musc

He has created the most famous fragrances of Cerruti, Comme des garçons, Ex Nihilo, Jo Malone, Le Labo, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford...

Marypierre Julien  :

The fragrance Gardénia & Jasmin de Cachemire has been created by Marypierre Julien, Perfumer at Givaudan.

When I created this perfume I imagined myself in a field of jasmine flowers and gardenia in India surrounded by green hills on the edge of the Himalayas, I wanted to capture their heady, narcotic and wonderful smell and I dressed them with sensual woods to showcase their wealth. These are flowers that carry you into an extremely feminine and sensual world, nearly sexual. I used spices such as ginger and pepper to reinforce the natural addiction that flowers offer.  "

-Gardénia & Jasmin de Cachemire:

"This fragrance highlights the emblematic flowers of perfumery that are Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Grandiflorum and the opulent flower of Gardenia of florality. It is a luminous fragrance that is worn with elegance with a fresh and sensual start».Marypierre Julien
To know more : Gardénia & Jasmin

She is considered as one of the most talented perfumers of its generation. 

She has created the most famous fragrances of Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme, Rihanna, L'Occitane, Anthropology ...

Art Photographer :

The Art photos were taken by Nathalie Sicard, Art Photographer.

"How not to fall in love with such a world where natural and authenticity rhyme with elegance, a beautiful harmony that seduced me immediately. What a pleasure Camille to see the birth of this beautiful project and bring my creativity, give meaning to these photos in integrating your story ... A real synergy, emulsion of ideas, a beautiful synergy ... ".

Nathalie Sicard /Art Photographer Côte d'Azur

Designer and Graphic Designer:

The drawings and illustrations were created by Alicia Noël, Painter & Illustrator.

"Nice collaboration with Camille who transmits her project with passion. pH fragrances is an artistic and accomplished connection to achieve illustrations that are aligned with us and that start thanks to our artistic synchronization. From an idea, a creation, a teamwork and a concrete finalization ..."

Alicia Noël / Graphic Designer / Painter / Illustrator-Saint Tropez

Graphic Designer of the website :

The graphic realization of the site was created by Aurélie Dève, Graphic designer.

It was a beautiful graphic project, a journey through the fragrances and ingredients, an immersion in a world I knew little, which inspired me a refined and aesthetic design ... Thank you to you, Camille, for the confidence that you granted me in the graphic design of this website. "

Aurélie Dève Graphic Designer, Illustrator, pattern Design-Paris

Conceptrice of the Visual Identity:

The realization of the visual identity was created by Alexandra Hummer.

"What a pleasure to accompany a passionated and determined designer like Camille and give life to the visual identity of an original project, authentic, respectful, natural, ambitious and fragranced of course!"

Alexandra Hummer A2 Design-Nancy