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The brand is based on 8 pillars which represent our commitments and our positive actions for the planet, health and society:

1 Premium :

pH fragrances is a lifestyle fragrance brand offering exceptional perfumes in Fine fragrances, Home care and Personal care. The finest raw materials of the perfumery (Orpur® from Givaudan) have been selected to create the most refined and signed fragrances.

High End fragrances created in France by the best master perfumers in the world. Hand crafted fragrances formulated with the highest quality of raw materials. The brand wants to provide a large range of choice of fragrances and products with a large palette of olfactive families thanks to a in depth fragrances expertise. 8 Olfactive families are covered.

Each olfactive universe is inspired by the fashion universe and showcase some finest raw materials.

The products are compounded in France to pay tribute to the local suppliers and the exceptional heritage.

The world of the perfumer is omnipresent through the brand. The amber perfume laboratory bottle inspired the creation of the brand's universe.
The cylindrical shape of this bottle, with its oblique shoulder, inspired the design of the packaging for the perfume bottles, for the body care and home care range.

The octagonal shape of the cap of this bottle inspired the brand's logo and testifies to the authentic apothecary side, like an old-fashioned label affixed by master perfumers.

We have succeeded in linking excellence and ecology.

A complex equation to be solved at all levels of production, ranging from the choice of exceptional raw materials, from formulation, from production to packaging.

The brand is part of a strong ecological, ethical, societal and high-end approach.

The brand has succeeded in proving that we could do better with less and is part of a strong consumer initiative which is to consume less but better.

We have made no compromise on the sensoriality and effectiveness of all of our premium formulas.

For more information: Premium

2 Durable :

Our commitment to sustainable development on our perfume ingredients:
Secure sourcing across all value chains which guarantees provenance, quality, respect for the environment, fair remuneration for communities and preservation as well as the improvement of production capacities.
Securing supplies, with monitoring of social and environmental actions. A Sustainable approach also on our primary and secondary packaging.
Forest, Oceans, Animals Lovers :
To know more :Durable

3 Clean :

The brand's decision was to go beyond the regulations in force on all categories of products and ban so-called controversial ingredients for humans
and for the environment.

This means that we have imposed the most restrictive specifications for each category of products on all the formulation laboratories with which we work.

We have decided to be transparent and also to make public these specifications which are available on our website.

European regulations are the strictest in the world and already ban over 1,500 ingredients. We have made the decision to go beyond these regulations.

To know more :Clean

4 Clean label :

The forward-thinking and visionary brand provides a solution to the needs of consumers who demand healthy formulas and provides a solution to the main problem of cumulative content of controversial ingredients.

More than 2 years of R&D were necessary to achieve our most stringent formulations.

Clean and Clean label: So-called clean labeling, without controversial ingredients.

We have selected the finest ingredients, the most respectful of the environment, which has enabled us to have no labeling "toxic for aquatic organisms", "may cause long-term harmful effects" on our products Home Care.

Our innovation and obtaining so-called “Clean label” labeling in Home care is part of the major ecological and societal issues and we hope that this will become a standard in this vast market.

To know more : Clean Label

5 Biodegradable & natural  :

Our products are natural, biodegradable, sustainable and clean.

We have selected the finest ingredients, the most respectful of the environment.

Sourcing the finest qualities of natural and sustainable ingredients collected in an ethical & responsible manner.

We have created products with a high rate of Biodegradability and Naturality.

A requirement and a unique commitment to sustainability that can be found in each of the 40 products in the collection: Fragrances, Personal care, Home care.

To know more on : Biodegradable & Natural

6 Local: 

Our commitment to the local economy is total.

We work with 20 French partners and industrials ( more than 100 persons in total).

From packaging, to production, through formulation, to marketing ... everything is done in France. Control over the entire value chain to ensure quality and traceability.

As a result, we have knowledge and control of what is in our products, how they are made and under what conditions.

It also makes a little more sense to have your products made in France, rather than having products that go around the world before arriving in our bathrooms.

For more information: Local

7 Ethical & Responsible :

Our commitment is total for sustainable development with our high perfumery which is ethical and responsible from sourcing to production.

To formulate each of the 8 fragrances in the collection, we have selected the noblest natural raw materials in perfumery, ethically and responsibly collected around the world.

By placing at the heart of the formulation of our 8 fragrances more than 22 Orpur® ingredients from Givaudan, which source the finest qualities of ethical and responsible ingredients.

A requirement and a unique commitment that can be found in each of the 40 products in the collection: Perfumes, Home care, Body care.

To find out more: Ethical & Responsible

8 Circular Economy :

In addition to the commitment to formulation, to sourcing, production and manufacturing, the brand is committed to Sustainable Development with the eco-design of packagings : 100% recyclable in glass or PET 100% recyclable and 100% recycled.

Only 2% of plastic is recyclable on earth. We are even more committed to sustainability with packaging that is 100% recyclable and 100% made from recycled materials for our shower gel packaging and our cream packaging.The circular economy makes it possible to limit the consumption and waste of raw materials.

To find out more : Upcycling

Our commitments and values do not stop there:



Nous avons créé de produits les plus respectueux possibles pour les océans et de la vie aquatique.

Nos formules sont biodégradables, sans substances bioaccumulables, sans filtre UV, sans colorants ....qui peuvent être toxiques pour les organismes aquatiques, étouffer l'écosystème marin et qui peuvent détruire la barrière de corail.

En plus, nous avons également interdit les micro plastiques dans nos formules qui sont accusés d'être bioaccumulables et de se déverser dans les océans.

Nous avons également réussi à créer des produits sans étiquetage "toxique pour les organismes aquatiques".

Nous utilisons des packagings recyclables en verre et des packagings 100% recyclables & faits de déchets plastiques recyclés.

Nous avons interdits le plastique en surremballage.

Notre engagement pour les océans est total.

We have created the most respectful products possible for the oceans and aquatic life.

Our formulas are biodegradable, without bioaccumulable substances, without UV filter, without dyes ... which can be toxic to aquatic organisms and the marine ecosystem and which can destroy the coral reef.

In addition, we have also banned micro plastics in our formulas which are accused of being bioaccumulative and of spilling into the oceans.

We have also been successful in creating products without "toxic to aquatic organisms" labeling.

We use recyclable glass packaging and 100% recyclable packaging made from recycled plastic waste.

We have banned overwrapping plastic.

Our commitment to the oceans is total.



Our formulas are vegan and not tested on animals.

We do not use ingredients of animal origin and we refuse animal testing.