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Fragrance Magnolia & Peony of Silk ( 15ml)

40,00 €


Magnolia & Peony of Silk is an explosion of sparkling top notes which bring lot of luminosity to the fragrance.

The fragrance is designed like an infusion of fresh bouquet of delicate and subtle Peony & Magnolia scent enveloped by the captivating sensuality of the Vanilla absolute.


-Fragrance natural, biodegradable, durable & clean. 

-Exceptional fragrance, Niche perfume 

-High perfumery

-Fragrance 88% Natural

-Beet Alcohol : Alcohol 100% Natural

-Fragrance 95,8 % Biodegradable

-Fragrance unisex

-The highest quality of natural ingredients and sustainable ingredients

-Natural Orpur® : The fragrance Magnolia & Pivoine de Soie is composed by naturals Orpur® of Rose from Davana, from Turkey and from Bulgaria, from Orange flower, from Morocco, Vetiver from Haïti and Vanilla from Madagascar. The Orpur® are the highest quality of natural ingredients from Givaudan ethically sourced. 

Thanks to our Vetiver Orpur®  in our fragrance Magnolia & Pivoine, we help a program that build infrastructures and provide access water, electricity in Haiti.

Thanks to our Vanilla Orpur®, we help a program to plant trees in  Madagascar.

To know more about : Ethical sourcing

Quentin Bisch perfumer at Givaudan has created Magnolia & Pivoine de Soie. He is considered as one of the most talented perfumer of its generation and he has created the most well know fragrances into the world.

To know more about : Quentin Bisch Perfumer

  • CLEAN :

-We have banned more than 100 controversial ingredients, in addition of the European regulations ( no colorants, no UV filter, no paraben...)  * See the list enclosed.

-We have selected the highest quality of ingredients, the most respectful for the health and the planet.

-Toxicologist validation: The fragrance Magnolia & Pivoine follows the most restrictive specification with formula crafted scientifically validated by a toxicologist. 

To know more about  : CLEAN

  • LOCAL:

-Made in France: Production in France of all our products and we work with more than 20 French industrials and suppliers . 

-This product support the local employment. 


-Packaging sustainable, ecofriendly in recyclable glass. 

-Our packagings are in papers and follow the FSC norms that garanties products from sustainable forests. 

-We have banned the plastic of our packagings. 

-Our sustainable ingredients are etically and respoinsibly sourced. 


-Sustainable ingredients sourced and collected in an ethical and responsible manner. 

-Program that helps the local communities around the world who collect ingredients globally. 


-Eco-responsible brand

-Our production is responsible: We have a single concentrate of perfumes cross all our products. Which is also a technical feat. 

  • VEGAN:

-Our products are not tested on animals. 

-Our products do not contain ingredients from animal origins. 

We are proud of our positives actions for the planet, the health and the society . 

More details


  • Performance
  • Freshness
  • Softness

More info

Concentration of Fragrance 20%
First Olfactive Family Floral
Second Olfactive Family Musky
Top Notes Bergamot from Italy, Mandarin from Italy, Davana
Heart Notes Rose from Turkey & from Bulgaria, Moroccan Orange Flower
Base Notes Vanilla, Musk, Vetiver from Haiti, Honey
Colors Green
This product does not contain
1.without phosphate, 2.without phtalate, 3.without Sulfate, SLS : Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , SLES: Sodium Laureth Sulfate 4.without huile minerale oil 5.without palm oil, 6.without Retinyl palmitate ... 1.without phosphate, 2.without phtalate, 3.without Sulfate, SLS : Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , SLES: Sodium Laureth Sulfate 4.without huile minerale oil 5.without palm oil, 6.without Retinyl palmitate 7.without EDTA, 8.without oxybenzone 9.without silicone, 10.without Phenoxyethanol, 11.without dye 12.without UV Filter, 13.without coal tar, 14.without Muscs, 15.without BHA, 16.without BHT ( thresold is 0,003%), 17.without Hydroquinone, 18.without Toluene, 19.without Benzene, 20.without Parabens, 21.without Benzophenone, 22.without Lyral, 23.without Karanal, 24.without Formaldehyde, 25.without additif, 26.withoput Buthoxyéthanol, 27.without wheat derivated , 28. without triclosan, 29. without triclocarban, 30; without aluminium salt 31.without 1,4 Dioxane, 32.without Ethanolamines, 33.without mercure, 34.without methylcellosolve, 35.without methylisothiazolinone, 36. without methylchloroisothiazolinone, 37. without nanoparticule, 38, without PEG polyethylene glycol, 39, without propanol, 40. without resorcinol, 41. without galaxolide, 42. without Farnesol, 43. without mousse de chéne, 44. without Alkyl phenols, 45. without aluminium, 46. without baking soda, 47. without tests on animals, 48. without ingrédients from animale origin, 49. without parafine, 50, without resorcinol , 51.without palmitate de réthinol, 52. without retinal, 53. without chlorure de benzalkonum, 54. without éthanolamines, 55. without butyéthanol, 56. without MIT/MCIT, 57. without Phénylènediamine 58. without Tetrasodium, 59. without DTA, 60.without Oxydant, 61.without Phenylenediamine, 62.without Ethanolamines, 63.without Ediamine 64.without Chlorine, 65.without nonylphenol, 66. without ethoxylates, 67.without oxybenzone, 68.without Styrène, 69.without Polyacrylamide 70.without Acethaldhehyde, 71. without Acetonitrile, 72.without Methylene chloride, 73. without Benzalkonium, 74. without Acetone, 75.without Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid , 76.without Acetone, 78. without bisphénol, 79. without ethyl Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, 80. without Ethyl acrylate, 81. without Ethyl methacrylate, 82. without Methyl methacrylate, 83. without Butyl methacrylate, 84.without Hydroxypropyl methacrylate, 85. without Tetrahydrofurfuryl methacrylate, 86. without Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate, 87.without Bisphénol, 88.without lead 89. without Acetete de lead 90.without Methoxyethanol, 91.without Plastic microbeads, 92.without talc, 93.without petrolatum, 94.without DEA, MEA, TEA, ETA, 95.without Polyacrylamide, 96.without Acrylamide,97. without Bromostyrene, 98.without Styrene Oxyde, 99.without sodium Styrene, 100.without Deastyrene
INCI List Alcohol denat. Parfum (Fragrance) Limonene Citronellol Linalool Geraniol Citral Eugenol Farnesol Tocopherol
Key Ingredients Magnolia, Peony
Scents Magnolia & Peony of Silk
Type de produits Perfumes (15ml)
Parfumeur Quentin Bisch ( Givaudan)


The blossoming of Magnolia and peony happens during Spring time and offer a poetic and dazzling show of colors and perfumes. These flowers with thousand petals symbolize all the feminine beauty.

Naturals Ingredients :

The natural fragrance Magnolia & Peony of silk is composed of some natural extracts of Bergamot, Mandarin, Patchouli and Rose.

The alcohol used is from natural origin.

Each universe gets inspired from the fashion universe and showcase some finest raw materials.

pH fragrances Fragrances:

High Hand natural fragrances created in France by the best master perfumers into the world. Hand crafted fragrances formulated with the highest quality of raw materials in the fine fragrance perfumery.

The fragrances are unisex.

The products are compounded in France.

  • Bottles :

The design of the bottle is an echo to the exceptional French know how in the tradition of the French luxury perfumery.

The Apothecary bottle is sober, elegant, minimalist and contain precious and noble fragrances that express the elegance of the brands and that give an incomparable style.

The label applied by hand was created by a printer in Provence.

The octagon is the emblem of the brand and testifies to the apothecary side yesteryear.

Customer reviews :

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A floral heaven, but not typical!

@ivanasfragrancevoyage - 2023-06-28

Like the title says, this perfume is floral, for sure it is, but it is not a typicall floral scent. It is not ordinary, banal, this is something very different. But still floral. Here we have a blend of the most beautiful flower; the rose, magnolia, peony mixed with vanilla and honey in the base. It is like a dense, rich and deep candied rose paired with a jar of the most delicious honey. And it is not even overly sweet, or cloying. It contains just the right amount of sweetness. Jammy, candied bouquet of roses, magnolia and peonies. Simply divine! Created by amazing, talented Q. Bisch, whose work I am amazed by. I already have his Patchouli and Cedre de Tweed, and both you can find out more on my Instagram @ivanasfragrancevoyage, along with the photos.

Yes, I recommend this product

    Beautiful fragrance

    Nikolina - 2023-06-28

    Magnolia & Peony of Silk is a beautiful bouquet of flowers, citruses and vanilla, different than any perfume I've tried in the category. It starts of with a sparkling combination of fresh, soft peony notes, sweet roses and juicy citruses that dance in a perfect harmony. Then it settles into sweeter, slightly powdery notes, roses take over the show, dipped in golden honey and vanilla. Elegant, pure and delicate, sweet but not cloying, this fragrance is fresh and office friendly, subtle and wearable in any occasion, day or night. To me it leans more feminine, with good longetivity and a moderate sillage.

    Yes, I recommend this product

      A Stunning sight

      Renuka ( - 2023-06-27

      In the tranquil garden, where the sunbeams play, The magnolia and peony stand in proud array. Their petals soft as summer skies, Their fragrance sweet as morning's rise. Magnolia & Pivoine de Soie by pH Fragrances embodies the glory and beauty of these two flowers brilliantly. The fragrance is both delicate and heady, a dance of sweet and musky notes that entices the senses and transports you to another place. From the first whiff, the fragrance evokes a sense of sophistication and elegance, a refined bouquet that tantalizes the senses with its opulent blend of magnolia, peony, and rose. The scent of these flowers wafts through the air, mingling with the soft touch of silk on skin. It's a moment of sensory bliss, an ephemeral experience that can't quite be captured or held onto. The floral notes are delicately interwoven with a hint of vanilla and a touch of vetiver that lends the perfume its exotic character. The base notes, in my opinion, truly elevate the fragrance to a new level. The musk together with honey and vanilla provide a sweetness which adds a layer of depth and richness, a sensual undertone that lingers long after the floral bouquet has dissipated. Quentin Bisch with this perfume not only evokes the essence of femininity and grace but also celebrates its beauty and complexity. It is a versatile fragrance that can be worn anywhere for any occasion. It is a little bold than other pH Fragrances that I have tried but still not very loud. The projection and longevity, I find, is also better than the others. Being a truly clean and sustainable brand, pH Fragrances meticulously follow a sustainable approach, which I highly respect!

      Yes, I recommend this product

        An excellent exception

        Fragrance génie - 2023-06-27

        Magnolia & Peony of Silk is a sweet and heady floral fragrance with nice citruses in the opening that gives a slight freshness to it. The davana with his wonderful sweetness makes his presence since the beginning and remains throughout all fragrance life. The florals come next and I love the combination of peonies with roses. The honeyed vanilla in the base is not overpowering and serves only to ground this fragrance and adds just a little gourmand feeling to this wonderful concoction. The musk has been there from the start but not in the sense of deer musk or what you would imagine under animalic ‘white musk’ at all, it’s dry linen-like, very clean and soapy. I feel like i’m wearing a fresh bouquet of flowers when I spray this, but not that usual red roses, it feels pretty brighter and nicely done pink roses. A floral delight like no other and if I were to give it a color, I’d give it pastel pink! I rated it a “love” because I would say it’s completely unique, has great quality with great performance and versatility in any season.

        Yes, I recommend this product

          Floral and warm fragrance

          Silvie - 2023-06-27

          I did not expect I would like this fragance so much. Classic but very chic. Elegant but also for everyday use. Floral fresh and delicate with warm sweet notes from honey and some vanilla. True intoxicating and natural. High quality perfume without harmful ingredients. Very fast shipping. Thanks a lot.

          Yes, I recommend this product

            Parfum durable

            Aurélie - 2023-06-27

            Très bon parfum agréable, floral et fruité. La tenue est très bonne. J'adore l'odeur et la senteur de la pivoine. Je recommande sans hésiter cette eau de parfum !

              SUPER PARFUM

              Camille L - 2022-11-08

              Mon parfum préféré. J'adore ces notes fraiches, fruitées. Un délice ce parfum incroyable ! J'adore votre engagement également.

              Yes, I recommend this product

                JUST DEVINE!

                Danute - 2022-11-08

                Glamorously enchanting, soft and delicate aroma that radiates pure luxury. When I sprayed first on my hand to test the fragrance, I couldn`t stop WOWING! So feminine soft blossoming. My boyfriend adores this perfume on me. Love that it’s clean fragrance that doesn’t harm my sensitive skin. Love love love!

                Yes, I recommend this product

                  STICKY ROSES

                  Vania perfumes - 2022-11-08

                  Magnolia & pivoine de soie is a sweet floral perfume with a lot vanilla at the base.
                  Not your typical sweet floral because there is honey and makes the roses in this perfume sweet in a sticky way.
                  There are some citruces in the opening, vanilla and musk at the base.
                  At the dry down the vanilla mixed with honey and the roses make this perfume gourmand and reminds me a dessert we use to make in Greece with roses.
                  I feel it will work better in cold weather.
                  Leans feminine in my opinion.
                  Longevity and projection is good.

                  Yes, I recommend this product

                    BOUQUET SURPRISE

                    Scentifolia - 2022-11-08

                    Comme un merveilleux bouquet piqué de bonbons acidulés. Les fleurs solaires côtoient des friandises crémeuses, le tout enveloppé dans du papier de soie. C’est pour offrir ? Non, c’est pour moi !

                    Yes, I recommend this product

                      FLORAL HEAVEN

                      Pawel (Planar Parfums) - 2022-11-08

                      An original floral composition combining two amazing flowers such as magnolia and peony. Dense but light at the same time, extremely longlasting and seductive, sweet but not too sweet, with elements of rose, green notes, sweet notes (honey, vanilla) and opening citrus scent. Beautiful and safe because of its composition without harmful substances! Well done by respected perfumer Quentin Bisch. This is extremely important nowadays. Recommended!

                      Yes, I recommend this product

                        SUPERBE !

                        Julie - 2022-11-08

                        Parfum reçu suite à un concours, ayant peu l’habitude de me parfumer et désirant un parfum subtil mais frais et floral, ce parfum est parfait ! Il est doux mais gourmand, frais et très agréable à porter tout au long de la journée. Je recommande !

                        Yes, I recommend this product

                          UNE ODEUR INCROYABLE !

                          Margot - 2022-11-08

                          Très heureuse de ce parfum. Une odeur incroyable, qui tient dans la durée. Un parfum très floral, tout ce que j'adore. Le flacon est magnifique ! Je suis ravie en plus de soutenir une entreprise Française avec des produits de qualités.

                          Yes, I recommend this product

                            "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION"

                            Paweł Szymborski - 2022-11-08

                            Fantastic composition! I honestly admit that I did not expect such a beautiful fragrance.
                            As a person who strongly avoids floral perfumes,
                            I have not been able to be apart with them, for some time. Beautiful job.Really enjoyed it.

                            Yes, I recommend this product

                              PARFUM DURABLE

                              Aurélie - 2022-11-08

                              Très bon parfum agréable, floral et fruité.
                              La tenue est très bonne.
                              J'adore l'odeur et la senteur de la pivoine.
                              Je recommande sans hésiter cette eau de parfum !

                              Yes, I recommend this product

                                Un parfum féminin et intense

                                Elodie - 2022-09-20

                                Une fragrance aux notes florales et fruitées qui incarne la beauté des saisons estivales. L'intensité de son jus permet une longue tenue sans retouche, il est idéal pour les femmes qui souhaitent affirmer leur féminité et sensualité à travers ce parfum. Pour ma part, il est un peu trop intense pour moi, je le recommande à celles et ceux qui apprécient les fragrances très marquées.

                                Yes, I recommend this product


                                  Adelyne - 2022-08-04

                                  Ce parfum est une belle découverte olfactive ! Il sent très bon, il est floral et frais à la fois. Parfait pour le printemps été je trouve ! Il tiens toute la journée.

                                  Yes, I recommend this product

                                    Un parfum floral

                                    Gaëlle - 2022-07-05

                                    C'est une odeur lègere et fleurie qui malheureusement ne me convient pas mais qui saura ravir les fans d'odeurs fleuris et délicates de magnolias, pivoines...

                                    Yes, I recommend this product

                                      Coup de cœur pour ce parfum

                                      Jessica - 2022-06-25

                                      J'adore ce parfum il sent divinement bon ! il est pétillant un mélange floral et fruité un sensation de fraîcheur immédiate une odeur qui dure je suis ravie il se glisse facilement dans le sac je recommande.

                                      Yes, I recommend this product

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